Ethical & Environmental Policy

Paper & Cardboard

We ensure all waste paper and cardboard is recycled wherever possible and any art materials, paint and ink is donated or disposed of responsibly.


Partner Statemen

'We use processes that are as low impact and safe as possible, we have always specialised in water-based inks, which, although more difficuto use, have virtually no impact on the environment. We also insist that all other chemicals used in cleaning processes etc are environmentally safe.

Our premises has been built to the highest standards with regards to insulation etc thereby helping to minimise our carbon footprint and to further our carbon reduction, we have also installed solar panels on the factory roof.

With regard to our ethical policy over buying our fabrics and imported products; the bulk of our fabrics are woven in Turkey and finished in in the UK. Where we do use mills and factories in the other parts of the word, we ensure that no child labour is used and that employment standards are good. We can supply accreditation for our organic fabrics. Plus quality assurances for our pre-sewn items by the CISQ Federation and RINA SA 8000-2008 Certified Social Accountability System.

We make sure any waste fabrics, cardboard, chemicals etc are recycled wherever possible or disposed of responsibly according to current legislation.

We are very unusual as we design, print and sew the majority of our items all under the one roof, again cutting down on the environmental damage caused by shipping goods unnecessarily from one place to another.



Our cushion inners are of the highest quality and are all manufactured in the U.K.