About Fox & Boo

Fox & Boo was created at the kitchen table one wet weekend In February 2017. I wanted to leave the world of publishing, in the space of 15 years, I had got married, gained my degree, had a baby, built a house, got divorced and published over 55 children’s books. Tired of always working to a commercial brief and schedule, and never any time to explore ideas or my creativity, it was time to take a break and do something different.  

Hi, I’m Lisa, a book illustrator, Ladybird artist, and former designer for The National Trust. When I sat down at the kitchen table that February, I had already had success with my Conwy illustrations, and was keen develop my ideas further, but felt it was important to do this as a 'brand' rather than an extension of my freelance practice. My vision was that it would be a family affair, and that the name must reflect that, so with my teenage son's nickname being Boo, it wasn't a difficult decision.


Since that day we have both been busy working to bring my uniquely recognisable designs to market, as a cohesive new homeware range. My son now has employment elsewhere but working on our market stall from 12 years old equipped him with many skills, that he has taken with him.

So now it’s just me, but I have found my ‘tribe’ at Made in Shropshire, which we joined in 2018, and we all support each other.

The Fox & Boo brand grew significantly in the first three years, with much of the leg work done at artisan markets and cultural events across the Midlands and the North West, and later upscaling by developing trade relationships … but then the pandemic hit, and our markets and trade customers closed.

So 2021, had a slow start, and really it felt like I was starting all over again, but it has been lovely to get out there and meet all our lovely customers again. X


 About Fox & Boo