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Fox & Boo join Buy-From Shropshire at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm

Lisa Fox | 30 March, 2018

            Fox & Boo join Buy-From Shropshire at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm - Fox & Boo

Nestled in the beautiful Shropshire hills not far from Church Stretton, is the amazing Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. Once through the entrance you are transported to a bygone era of real working farm, which is part educational, part fun and part relaxing. When we visited last year, we has expected to stay a few hours, but it was a beautiful day and I was happy to amble round with my sketchbook and camera we were happy to really slow down the pace, whilst my son and nephew just had whale of a time, exploring and meeting the animals.

Imagine then, how delighted we were to be invited to be part of the Buy-From Shropshire group that were to stock the visitor shop. Not least because I spent the winter developing my sketches, and in particular I was pleased to showcase my artwork that features Acton Scott's working horses, Charlie and Joe, pictured. We are over the moon to be part of this venture, and very flattered that we are included in the wealth of creative talent that Shropshire has to offer.

It really is well worth the visit, it's a very special day out, full of simple pleasures ... oh and don't forget the Buy-From Shropshire shop on the way out.

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