Goose Parade Natural Cotton Tea Towel (Heather)

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For those of you that know Ellesmere, (Shropshire) well, you may well recognise some of the characters in this goose parade ... yes, they are all local residents and were observed and sketched from life, in this hilarious military style march in search of food. We love these birds so much, what better way to honour them than by their very own design?

Our 100% natural cotton tea towels are made from the best grade cotton, which is woven to the highest standard to provide the finest quality print and fastness. They are super absorbent and are ideal for everyday use, as well as a great souvenir, gift or piece of art (we are told that people stretch our tea towels over a frame to create a unique canvas!)

Please note: Watermark is just to protect our image online and will not appear on actual tea towel.

Digitally printed
Size: 78cm x 48cm
Made from 185gsm, 6.5oz cotton
Hemmed on the two longer sides
Presented as folded and secured with twine and our own label